Our Four Pillars


We act with purpose and empower ourselves and our patients through education. We are fully present to what someone else is saying by processing words without distraction and seeking emotional understanding before engaging. We work hard to understand the needs of our patients in order to create intentional positive change.


We are able to look beyond obstacles and barriers. We remain focused and tenacious in everything that we do. We are able to achieve our desired outcomes by being purposeful and taking action.


We follow through on commitments and create opportunities to learn and grow. We keep our actions and speech consistent whether we are behind closed doors or out in the open. We support our organization’s mission by holding others to the same level of accountability in word and deed.


We focus on the success of others and consciously take the time to get to know our patients as people. In order to understand those around us, we seek to listen first and talk second. We always treat others the way they want to be treated.

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