Patient Stories

Jonathan Mark Hodge

If you would have told me a year ago that I was allergic to common grass, hickory trees and pecan trees, I would have laughed. For over a decade I put up with watery eyes, a runny nose and itchy skin every time I stepped outside. The thoughts of mowing my lawn or working in the yard almost distressed me.

It was time to turn to someone for help.

Betty Bostian

Dr. Zanation really saved my life twice because he had to do two surgeries on my nose; if he had not continued to see me all these years, I would not be doing as well as I am. Dr. Zanation is the one to see if you have any breathing problems.

Carolyn Huff

Some of my earliest childhood memories are trouble breathing from asthma, numerous penicillin shots and many trips to the hospital. Things improved as I grew up; but allergies often triggered the asthma conditions and as I moved into my 60s these problems came more frequently. Finally near retirement age from teaching I had the good fortune to visit Carolina Ear Nose and Throat and meet Dr. David Melon.

Debbie Graham

Upon arriving at Carolina Ear Nose and Throat I was met with such a professional staff. When I met Dr. Jarrett, he immediately put me at ease. Years had gone by just putting up with difficulty breathing, senseless infections, and the loss of smell and taste. Now I am filled with immense gratitude.

David Dean

Dr. Mauldin has been continually empathetic and concerned with my overall health and has shown these same concerns and attention to detail with other family members who have become patients of his because of my experiences. We, in the Hickory area, are fortunate to have this amazing doctor.

The Agee Family

We could not ask for anything better than Dr. Cost and her staff. The office in Lincolnton is so convenient for us and we are treated like family every time we go through the doors. I tell everyone I know, for adults and for children, who have any kind of sinus, throat, or ear issues that Dr. Cost is the one to go to! In our opinion, it does not get any better than Dr. Cost!!

Deb Wakefield

Surgery is never fun, and surgery on a sensitive area such as the tongue does give one pause, but Dr. Mauldin and his staff chose a course that included the least amount of surgery necessary, and followed up with a treatment program that continues to keep me healthy.