Agee Family

The Agee Family

We first met Dr. Cost when we noticed a small cyst under our son’s (Mason) tongue. Our pediatrician recommended having it checked out and possibly removed. Mason was not quite 3 years old at the time, so you can imagine the anxiety and anticipation that we all had about this visit! During our very first visit with Dr. Cost, we immediately felt calmed and comforted about our fears!! Mason had also been having recurrent ear infections and colds, which she helped us to address. We quickly scheduled the surgery to remove the cyst and she recommended tubes and removing his adenoids for his recurrent ear infections and colds. She was absolutely WONDERFUL to him and to us, during the surgery pre-op, post-op, etc. Mason felt so comfortable with her that he didn’t even whimper when she took him to the operating room! She truly treated Mason as if he were her own and that made all the difference in the world to us!! The cyst has never returned, the tubes worked beautifully and he has not had an ear infection since!

Fast forward two years and Mason began getting tonsillitis every year in September and literally remained sick until February. We went through this for two years with our pediatrician always saying that it was only viral and that steroids would be the only option to relieve his pain and discomfort. After the second year of Mason being on a round of steroids every month from September to February and getting nowhere with our pediatrician, I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cost to get her opinion. She recommended testing him for allergies, just to rule out anything allergy related that could be causing his symptoms, but assured me that having tonsillitis for that length of time was NOT viral related! His allergy tests came back negative and we scheduled a tonsillectomy. Mason had IMMEDIATE relief!! He had no more hoarseness, no more throat pain, and no more stinky breath!! Why in the world had I waited so long to contact Dr. Cost?!?!?

When I began to have sinus issues myself, guess who I called? Dr. Cost!!! She helped me get my sinus problems under control and it has made a HUGE difference for me!

We could not ask for anything better than Dr. Cost and her staff. The office in Lincolnton is so convenient for us and we are treated like family every time we go through the doors. I tell everyone I know, for adults and for children, who have any kind of sinus, throat, or ear issues that Dr. Cost is the one to go to! In our opinion, it does not get any better than Dr. Cost!!

~ The Agee Family Denver, NC